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Int. Website - SLINGSHOT

Slingshot is a subgroup of the Tacoma Film Alliance, open to all members. The goal of Slingshot is to write, direct, edit, and publish a short film each month.

Ext. Bostwick Cafe

The Slingshot group meets every other Tuesday, currently at Bostwick Cafe from 6:30pm - 8:00pm. The topics of these meetings vary from week to week. Sometimes you can expect to discuss the film that is going to be created that month, other times we will discuss writing tips, welcome new members, or just chat about creating short films in general.

Int. Who can be a part of Slingshot?

Anyone from the Tacoma Film Alliance with an interest in any part of filmmaking can come join us!

Ext. Details

What is Slingshot?
An inclusive subgroup of the Tacoma Film Alliance that strives to write and direct one short film per month
How do I join?
Making short films is awesome. We love doing it and want everybody to be a part of this. Anyone is welcome to come to our bi-weekly meetings on Tuesday nights at 6:30. However, in order to maintain some form of order, there are requirements for submitting your film for the month. You must be a part of at least two of our monthly projects in the past. Once you've done that, you're welcome to submit!

Previous film shoots

April 2018
Surgat, written and directed by John Kephart
June, 2018
Lugnuts, written and directed by David Ewing
July 2018
Fools Advance, written and directed by John Kephart
September 2018
For A Good Time Call Angel, written and directed by John Kephart
October 2018
XXXXX, written and directed by Danny

Recent Slingshot films

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Interested in being a part of Slingshot? Let us know!